Respondus Test Bank Network is a great option for faculty!


At TTU, we have been using Respondus products for several years.  The products work well with iLearn (Desire2Learn) and are pretty simple to use. The products we use and that are available to faculty at no cost to them or their department are:

  • Respondus – a tool for creating and managing exams and surveys that can either be published to iLearn (D2L) or printed on paper. At this time it only runs on Windows machines.
  • StudyMate – a tool you can use to help students master certain materials or glossary terms with different learning activities, self-assessments and games.
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser – a browser that you can require students to use to take online exams through iLearn. This tool makes it difficult for students to print or copy exams or access other applications or URLs during testing.
  • For more information about this software and to download the products go to the TTU Respondus information page (

Many of the current textbooks are beginning to provide different content and resources for instructors who adopt their books. For a while now we have been helping faculty get their quizzes from a textbook company into a format that is easily put into iLearn (or Respondus and then to iLearn). This usually requires some manual formatting on the instructors part. Now, we have another tool available to help save faculty time on developing their courses and exams.

The Respondus Test Bank Network is a great tool that will allow faculty to have access to these test banks and make it easier for them to create exams, self-assessments, learning activities and games for their courses. These test banks can be used with both Respondus and StudyMate.

All you have to do to get started is:

  • Go to
  • Select the Search for Publisher Test Banks (you can also do this inside Respondus 4.0)
  • Enter the search criteria to find your book
  • Request access to the test bank
  • Once you receive the information to access the test bank you will need to go into Respondus to setup the link to the test bank.

Make sure you have the latest version of Respondus installed on your computer. To check, go to the TTU Respondus information page. You can only download the program from on the TTU campus network.

Once installed:

  1. Select the Test Bank Network button (you can also search for test banks here)
  2. Select the Register a test bank using a file code and password
  3. Click Next and enter the information from the email you received
  4. Click Link Test Bank
  5. Once the test bank is linked, choose Select questions from one of the following publisher test banks
  6. Click Next
  7. You can choose to Create a new file or Open an existing file
  8. If you choose to Create a new file – give it a name and type a short description
  9. If you choose to Open an existing file – select the file from the existing list
  10. Click Next
  11. Choose the correct test bank from the drop-down menu
  12. Select the chapter and/or type of questions you would like to import
  13. You can view the questions in the default view or you can select the Expanded View link and see the entire question and the answer options
  14. When the list opens, you can choose your questions to import in two different ways. Under Question Selections:
    1. Manual – allows you to pick the questions individually for import
    2. Automatic – allows you to just let the program pick a specific number randomly from the list (or all of them)
  15. Once you have chosen the questions, select Add to End of List or Insert into List to add the questions to your Respondus file.
  16. You can select the Add More Test Bank Questions button to go back and select more questions from another section of the test bank.
  17. When you are done adding questions, click Finish.

If you already have a file open in Respondus and just want to add questions from the test bank to it, click the Test Bank Network button under the Edit tab (under the types of questions you can create) and it will take you into the editing options listed above starting at step 11.

For more information about using Respondus and Respondus Test Banks:


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