Designing Online and Hybrid Courses for Significant Learning


Have you heard the news? Academic Affairs, the Provost’s office and the Technology Institute are giving away “free” iPads to anyone who attends the two-day workshop in February. Notice the word “free” is in quotes. There is catch. You will be asked to develop an online course to be offered, probably, in the next academic year.  So you might be saying, “I couldn’t put my material online, I need the classroom.” Or, you might be thinking, “Online courses are just like correspondence courses, how hard could it be?” Many have concerns about cheating, testing and group work. That is why we are offering this workshop. Teaching is not just about presenting material but about creating a learning environment.  Today’s environment is virtual.  Almost everyone of our students have a mobile device, like a smart phone. The “information superhighway” is changing  the way business functions, how doctors treat patients, etc. We must admit that technology is making an impact on academia. Are you ready?

Go to to register online.



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